Find technical help for your mapping project

Looking for some talent for your map project? Once you've planned your project and you know what kind of developer assistance you need (or even if you're still exploring your options), see below for the current list of approved Google Earth Outreach developers.

What does it mean to be in the Google Earth Outreach developer listing?

David Tryse
Dublin, Ireland

Work Samples:

Google Earth Portfolio

KML Factbook

A collection of tools for working with Google Earth and geotagging photos

Expertise: KML content creation and design, KML tours, Google Maps API and Earth API, PHP, mySQL

GreenInfo Network
Non-profit organization
San Francisco, CA, USA

Work Samples:

Google Earth KMZ/KMLs and links to videos created with Google Earth are available at the GreenInfo Network Google Earth demo website (link is:

Expertise: KML, GIS analysis, database management, graphic design, interactive & web mapping

Eduardo Garcia-Milagros
Murcia, Spain

Work Samples:

Atlantic Public Media "Biodiversity on the Move" Google Earth tours

Encyclopedia of Life Species Quiz

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield Google Earth tour

Expertise: KML files creation, KML tours, Fusion Tables

Kevin Bluer
New York City, NY, USA

Work Samples:



Bluer, Inc.

Expertise: Mobile Development, Google Maps API, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Product Wireframing, UX & Interface Design

Air Code Design
For-profit company
Vancouver, Canada

Work Samples:

Arctic Eider Society Interactive Knowledge Mapping Platform

Museum of Jewish Montreal

Museum of Jewish Montreal: Virtual Tour of Hazzamat

Museum of Jewish Montreal: Virtual Tour of Jewish Social Services

Museum of Jewish Montreal: Virtual Tour of Shmata Workers

Expertise: Javascript, Angular, Google Maps API, custom API, database management, server management, interactive web apps, iOS development, NodeJS, PHP, UX

Pathway Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd.
For-profit company
Kathmandu, Nepal

Expertise: Geoserver, MySQL, PostGres, Javascript, Json, Openlayers, Leaflet, PHP, C# .NET, Google Maps Engine, Google Earth Engine, Open Data Kit (ODK), Google Maps API

Geocology Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Work Samples:

Project Portfolio

Expertise: Working with environmental and community organizations on landcover and species analysis and cartography, as well as outreach and campaign strategy. Experience with GIS, KML, Google Maps, Google Fusion Tables, Google Earth, census, polling, modelling and geostatistics.

Dewi Wahyuni
Individual developer
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Work Samples:

TERN Data Discovery Portal

Expertise: Web development, Javascript, Google Maps API, Geoserver, OpenLayers, Google Geocoding API, PostGIS

Prince George, BC, Canada

Work Samples:

Project Portfolio

Mammoth Trails

PG Pothole

Expertise: Google Maps API, PostGIS, geoDjango, Google Earth, KML

Valery Hronusov
For Profit Company
Work Samples:

Maps In Action

Expertise: Javascript, KML, Google Maps API, Google Earth API, KML Tours ArcGIS, MS Net, Google AppEngine

Brian M. Hamlin
Berkeley, CA, USA

Work Samples:

Digital Mapping Demos

Expertise: In nearly 20 years of professional programming, Brian has been fascinated with print and publishing. From the early days of PostScript on the Apple LaserWriter and Linotype, to Macintosh applications and PDF, to Unicode, and now to Wordpress and Mapping Mashups, Brian has found more than a few interesting corners to explore.

Peter Black
San Francisco, CA, USA

Work Samples:

Mapping the Green Economy: California

Global CO2 Emissions

Climate Atlas

US Sea Level Rise Maps

Expertise: Utilizing geo-tools to tell the most effective story for your nonprofit. GIS analysis, statistics, graphics, writing and communications.

Chicago, IL, USA

Work Samples:

California Inclusionary Housing Policy Database

Illinois State Art Fair Directory

Expertise: Community resource mapping and participatory GIS platforms; Geo-content management systems (Drupal + Google Maps + OpenLayers); Constituent mapping (CiviCRM + CiviMap).

Non-profit organization
Chambéry, France

Work Samples:

Uganda IDP webInfo Map

UNHCR Refugees Map

Expertise: GIS, MySQL database administration, Javascript, Geoserver, Google Chart API, Google Maps API, KML

Twitter: @vizzuality
Madrid, Spain

Work Samples:


NGO Aid Map

Old Weather

Antartic Field Guides

Red List Assesment Tool

Global Registry of Migratory Species

Expertise: Biodiversity, conservation, citizen science and humanitarian crisis response. User Interaction and Visual design, PostGIS, CartoDB, Google Maps V3, Google Maps For Flash, Polymaps, Ruby on Rails.

Ron Hall
Evans-Hall, Inc.
Developer/For-profit company (do some "pro bono" if for a good cause")
Cheney, WA USA
Work Samples:

SketchUp Models

Google Earth Gallery entries

Expertise: Self described "Google geek" - SketchUp (Super Modeler), Google Earth API, Google Maps API, KML, Google Fusion Tables, Google Docs, Google Sites, Panramio, Blogspot, Google Groups, Google Analytics. Certified GIS User (ESRI), AutoCAD, Web Design (Dream Weaver, Flash, Flex), Photoshop, GPS data collection/construction surveyor

Lawrence Shaw
Individual Developer
Bournemouth, UK
Work Samples:


Expertise: Google Earth, 3D Modeling, GIS integration, KML Tours, Creative Development, XML and geocoding

Shoreh Elhami
Co-founder GISCorps Non-profit
Park Ridge, IL USA
Work Samples:

Mission with Engineers without Borders - NYU:Poly

Mission with UNOSAT after Cyclone Nargis

Mission with Guatemalan NGO

Mission with a 4-H club in Iowa

Expertise: GISCorps has over 1,500 volunteers in over 73 countries worldwide. They have expertise in almost every area of GIS technology.

Ben Arcilla
Making Sense
Philippines, Asia
Work Samples:

Chile Earthquake map

Catanduanes: From Mining to Ecotourism

Google Earth Tours

Expertise: Google Maps API, Google Earth API, KML Touring

Earth Knowledge, Inc.
For-profit company
Tucson, Arizona
Work Samples:

Earth Knowledge Portal and Globe

WISSDOM™ Customizable Tools

WISSDOM™ Visualizations

Expertise: GIS analysis and user interface development using ESRI ArcGIS, Arc2Earth Enterprise, Google Earth API, Google Maps API, Google Earth Enterprise, WMS, IMS, KML, OGC compliant data standards and other technologies. RSS and GeoRSS development and manipulation to power Google Earth and Google Maps-based interfaces. Google Earth including KML/KMZ creation, video creation, manipulation, and graphic design. Infographics and rich media displays.