Become a Google mapping expert

Kickstart your map-making with Google Earth and Google Maps with these step-by-step tutorials.

Google Earth Tutorials

Google My Maps Tutorials

Google Earth Engine Tutorials

  • Introduction to Google Earth Engine
    Learn how to use Google Earth Engine's basic functionality, including exploring the Data Catalog and viewing datasets in the Workspace. 30 minutes to complete

Open Data Kit Tutorials

These tutorials will help you use Open Data Kit to collect field data with your Android smartphone.

More Tutorials

Here are even more tutorials that will give you increased mapping powers!

  • Validating KML As You Go
    Learn how to set up and use jEdit to easily write, debug, and validate your KML code.
  • KML Articles
    These helpful articles take you through tutorials for using KML.
  • KML Developer's Guide
    This guide includes pages with additional information on key KML elements and how to use them.